Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Girl in 6E by Alessandra Torre

I heard about The Girl in 6E on Padfoot and Prongs07's book blog and opted to give it a try.  I thought it was a good read (or listen, as I did do the audio book version) if also rather shocking, but it's definitely not for everyone.  Read on for why.

The reader finds out early in the book that Deanna is a recluse, that it's by choice because she has impulses to kill and that she makes her living by doing on line video sex chats.  Because of these aspects of Deanna, there is some graphic description of violent murder and lots of sexual description.  Deanna has crafted her life to keep people safe from her.  How she does all this is part of the story and I'll let you discover it as you read, if you do.  She becomes aware that there is a little girl who could be in danger.  The story is Deanna's, but how it intersects with this little girls is a large part of this story.

I found this to be a very compelling read.  It helped me get through a rough second flight on the way to visit Davan.  I just sat, trying not to feel nauseated, with my eyes closed and listened. 

This is quite likely my only review this week.  I came to be with Davan while she is undergoing a 5 day hospital stay for testing (while there is obviously a reason for the testing, she's more or less okay).  I thought I'd have a lot of reading time, but it's turned out to be the case that I haven't.  My days are filled with running out for desired food, driving friends back and forth from campus, games, Netflix and the like.  Today is a little quieter with Davan working on homework, so I'm catching up on emails, blogging and then will get in a bit of reading.

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