Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Dramarama by E. Lockhart

I was not totally sure if I'd like Dramarama.  I've liked a lot of E. Lockhart's books, but I also ended feeling like the Ruby books got to be a little too much for me and gave up midway through the third one.  So, it was with a mix of expectations that I picked up Dramarama.

Sadye (previously known as Sarah, but that is just too plain for musical theater) is heading off to drama camp for the summer prior to senior year with her best (and only) friend, Demi, a fabulous black boy who keeps all that hidden at school, but not with Sadye.  It's a summer of friendship, roommates, auditions (flubbed and not), singing, acting, dancing, snark and romance (at least for some). 

I liked it a lot.  I felt for Sadye and identified with her need to question everything.  I had flashbacks to Davan's audition and theater days (in a different way - dance and aerial theater for her).  I occasionally chuckled out loud.

Dramarama is a thin little novel, making for a quick and easy read.  It's also fun while sometimes making you wince.  You go with your fabulous selves, drama kids.

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