Friday, September 23, 2016

Let's Talk About Love by Claire Kann

After reviewing Been Here All Along and looking into the whole Swoon Reads thing, I decided to read a book off of the Swoon Reads site.  After looking around a bit, I settled on Let's Talk About Love.  It turns out that it's already been chosen to be published, but is available on the website a bit longer.  It's undergoing editing and will be published soon.  (Not sure when soon means, exactly)  It'll only be available on the Swoon Reads site for a little while longer.

Overall, I liked Let's Talk About Love.  It's the story of asexual but romantic Alice.  Alice is 19 and juggles full time work, full time school and great roommates who are really her chosen family.  She's had bad experiences with coming clean about being asexual, though, before and has pretty much given up on finding love when she meets Takumi. 

What I didn't like:  Alice has a cutie scale that  was pushed so hard that it annoyed me at first.  I found it endearing by the end, but could have used a little more easing into it at the beginning.  Alice is super into pop culture. That's probably a great thing for some, but, as I'm not, many references went way over my head which lessened my enjoyment some.

What I did like:  I mostly liked Alice.  I mostly liked her friends.  I mostly liked Takumi.  By the end, I was definitely rooting for Alice and Takumi.  (Minor spoiler here, skip to the next paragraph if you don't want to be spoiled.)  I worried at first that this was going to be an asexual turned sexual by the right person.  That happens for demisexuals, but I think isn't necessarily a great lesson to have in a book.  That the right person can change an asexual like there is something wrong with being asexual, so I was glad that didn't happen.

I liked this book overall and I'm a fan of the Swoon Reads concept where people can get good books published through finding an appreciative audience.

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