Thursday, May 12, 2016

Operation Zulu Redemption Collateral Damage by Ronie Kendig

This will be short because I did not get past page 20 or so of this book.  It's a story about a group of female special forces troops that have a mission that goes wrong and they scatter to new lives.  This book starts with them in their new lives when something goes wrong and suddenly they are under attack.

I knew that there was a short novella that happened sequentially prior to this story, but it wasn't at my library and I figured I'd be able to pick it up.  If I'd stuck with it, I might have.  However, the beginning of the book was all about throwing a ton of people at me with no idea who was who.  There is a cast of characters given, but if I've got to refer to it to follow the story, then something isn't working for me.  That's how I felt about this.

Also, the characters weren't very appealing to me at first introduction, so I didn't feel motivated to push through until I knew everyone.

If you're looking for an action book and don't care much about the characters except to think it's cool that it's females who are the badass heroes, then this book may work for you.  For me, though, it's a pass.

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