Sunday, May 8, 2016

Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson

I finished Second Chance Summer Friday evening.  I'd picked it up at the library during a browsing session.  I did finish this book.  It's the story of Taylor Edwards who is the middle child in a family where both older and younger sibling stands out for their own reasons.  She doesn't unless she stands out for her habit of running away when things get hard.  That becomes difficult when her father is diagnosed with cancer and 4 months to live.  The family all returns to the lake community where she'd spent every summer through her 12th year when something happened to make her run from there, too.

It easy read.  I found it rather predicable and with a familiar trope of present and past story telling.

A few thing happened that seemed incongruous for the characters.  During the earlier summer we read about, Taylor's best friend, Lucy, has to go away for the summer.  Taylor and Lucy campaign for Lucy to be able to stay, but Taylor's parents, who've let Taylor and Lucy spend all their previous summers spending the night at each others' houses say no.  It was that sort of little thing combined with the predictability that make me think this book was okay, but not anything great.

That said, I did enjoy the book enough to finish it, which is saying something!  While there was the heavy theme of Taylor's father's illness, it still felt like a light read.  It might look a little daunting at over 450 pages, but it's fast and easy to read.  It won't be a re-read for me, but I'd recommend it for a some light entertainment.

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