Sunday, May 8, 2016

Sick by Tom Leveen

Sick was also a book I picked up during a library browsing session, not knowing anything about it previously nor the author, Tom Leveen.  I enjoy a good surviving the apocalypse story, though, and thought I'd give it a go.  It's a slim novel at 271 pages and I did finish this one - in one day.  It's a fast read.

This is the story of a zombie type event from the point of view of high school senior Brian.  He's in the right place (not the pep rally) when the tide turns and survives the initial onslaught.  He, a friend, and a group of acquaintances, some of whom are helpful, some not, have to decide what to do next.  Stay holed up?  Try to get out of the fenced in high school?  What about his sister and ex-girlfriend who were at the pep rally?

There is a fair amount of gore, as to be expected in a zombie novel.  Brian is definitely a teenage boy with a teenage boy point of view.  That was okay, but isn't the sort of character I identify with.  Still, the action was interesting, I cared about who was going to make it and wanted to know how it would turn out.  So, overall, it was worth reading.

(I'm currently reading Emmy & Oliver by Robin Benway, which I am completely loving.  I'm about half way through and will do a more though review when I'm done, but I am enjoying it so much I had to give it a shout out already.)

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