Friday, November 11, 2016

Moonshifted by Cassie Alexander

I seem to be on a supernatural kick at the moment, no?  I finished listening to Moonshifted yesterday.  It's the second in the Edie Spence series.  Obviously, I liked the first one enough to continue with the series.  I didn't like the second one as much.  There were a few continuity issues between the first and second book in my opinion.  I also got a little annoyed that Edie didn't figure out what was up with the supplement her brother (of whom she's previously washed her hands in book 1) was selling.  The sex scenes came a bit out of the blue, but I guess that's just who Edie is and I don't really begrudge her sexual choices, but they also didn't make me like the book any better.  I did finish it, so it was okay, but I think I'm done here.

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