Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Diabolic by S.J. Kincaid

For the first 3rd of The Diabolic, I thought I'd found one of my new favorite books.  I stayed up a bit late reading and was loving it.  I didn't feel like it totally lived up to its promise, though, and, thus, it's not a new favorite, but I did still really enjoy it.

The Diabolic is the story of Nemesis who was created to love and absolutely protect one person.  In her case, that person is Sidonia, the daughter and heir to a member of the galactic Senate.  The empire, though, is at a tipping point and Sidonia is called to the Imperial Court as a hostage for good behavior from her father, who is a political enemy of the Emperor.  Nemesis can not go as Sidonia's diabolic, as all diabolics were supposed to be destroyed when they acted more radically than expected in defense of their protectees.  So, the plan is hatched for Nemesis to pose as Sidonia at court.  Things, as they do, go from there.

I liked The Diabolic.  I really, really liked Nemesis and her journey.  She was totally kick ass and, it seemed to me, pretty much always acted in accordance with who she is and what her background was.  I liked the story line overall.  I even liked the romance, which didn't seem too instalove to me.  I had no problem with the violence, which seemed on point for this society.

What I had trouble with, though, was that it just lost some of its zing as it went on.  It seemed fairly predictable.  None of the surprises took me by surprise.

So, because of that, it's not a favorite.  I still really liked it, though.  And Nemesis is awesome.

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