Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Stands of Bronze and Gold by Jane Nickerson

Strands of Bronze and Gold is a retelling of Bluebeard set in the antebellum south.  Sophia Petheram has grown up in Boston surrounded by the love of her siblings and father, but monetarily poor.  When she's 17, her father dies and Sophia's godfather sends for Sophia to come live with him in Mississippi.  At first, Sophia is charmed by both Monsieur Bernard de Cressac and his home, Wyndriven Abbey, which he had brought over from England stone by stone and rebuild in Mississippi.  It's not long before Sophia begins to have concerns about her situation and de Cressac, but she also feels trapped and that feeling only grows.

I liked this book.  I liked Sophia most of the time, at least.  There was some mystery to figure out (although, not too much if you're familiar with Bluebeard, but still).  I liked the pacing and the writing style was up my alley.

I did feel a little like sometimes Sophia could have made better decisions, but I do know that people don't always make the best decisions.  She wouldn't really have been human otherwise, I suppose.  I also felt like she should have cottoned on a little earlier to what a bad situation she was in and to what had happened with Bernard in the past.  Additionally, I did think the romantic situation was sort of...hasty.  There wasn't really much to build falling in love on.

Overall, though, I thought Strands of Bronze and Gold was a good read.

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