Thursday, June 9, 2016

Bellweather Rhapsody by Kate Racculia (DNF)

I don't necessarily have a problem with dark humor.  In fact, I'm often a fan in real life.  I don't seem to agree with a lot of people about dark humor in books, TV or movies, though.  Anthony and I often turn to each other and say, "Where was the funny part?" when we've watched something that was described as dark and funny.  I'm willing to admit that this is a lack on my part, since it happens a lot.  And, thus, the statement on the flap which reads, in part, "her fearlessness about the loss and darkness that underline the truest humor" should have stood as a warning to me.  However, Bellweather Rhapsody has a large fan base, so I thought I'd give it a go.  I made it a little less than half way.

The basic premise is that a high school statewide music festival is taking place in the grand old (decaying and only ever busy for Statewide every year) Bellweather Hotel.  This year's Statewide falls on the 15th anniversary of a newlywed murder/suicide.  One of the high schoolers finds her roommate hanging in the same manner as the bride of 15 years ago (not that she knows the details are the same) but when she goes for help, the body is gone.  The story is told from many different points of view.  Most of the people providing these points of view I did not like.  At all.  There is only one person I cared about.  He was almost enough to make me want to finish the book.  In fact, I kept reading last night with the intention of finishing.  It's not that long.  I want to know what happens with Rabbit.  But, as I was thinking about picking up the book to read over breakfast this morning the feeling I had was dread.  So, I'm putting the book aside.

That said, I can see some of why people like this book.  I just don't.  One of the reasons I like YA is that I feel like many adult fiction books are trying too hard.  They have to be edgy.  This is one of those books for me.  Too edgy to be enjoyable.

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