Thursday, June 9, 2016

gena/finn by Hanna Moskowitz and Kat Helgeson

I read this book today.  Earlier today I wrote about not finishing Bellweather Rhapsody.  So, yeah, this has been my project today.  In between a few things like a run to the grocery store, doing laundry, making dinner, but mostly, I've been reading gena/finn on this rainy afternoon.  It is short and, from that perspective, totally doable in a day, but from an emotional point of view, it's made for a fairly intense day.  I had no idea this book was going to take such an emotional toll and I'm not even totally sure I should tell you that up front.  I guess it's a bit spoiler-y.  But, I sort of think you should be forewarned.  Or, you know, you might not care as much as I did.

I'm a little surprised that this book is classified as YA.  It's about two fangirls who connect online.  One is a recent college graduate and the other a high school senior/college freshman.  The two start with an online friendship, then in person meetings start happening.  There are changes along the way for each of them and...well, I don't really want to get into what happens too much, but some serious stuff happens.

I really liked both Gena and Finn and felt for them.  There were so many sweet, funny moments.  Their friendship is sweet and wonderful and then complicated, but true and meaningful.  That was two sweets in two sentences, which is nothing but bad writing.  Worse, "sweet" isn't a good way to describe this book.  It's not.  As a whole, it's rough.  But you won't know that at the start.

I loved this book at first.  At times I hated it.  It certainly had me engaged and wanting to finish.  I'm still tearing up off and on, though.  But, I still think I loved it.  So, great.  And awful.  You've been warned.

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