Sunday, June 19, 2016

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

I've been hearing about Ready Player One everywhere.  I was worried it was over hyped and I would be disappointed, so I let it sit on my shelf until the due date started pressing in on me.  I finally picked it up on Thursday and, despite Davan's return from China on Friday, walks with friends, and family time, I finished it last night.  It was such a good read.

Ready Player One is set in the future in which real life sucks and most everyone does their living in OASIS, a virtual reality.  The creator of OASIS dies and leaves everything to the person who can find the hidden egg.  It takes years before anyone even finds the first of three keys, but when Wade (senior in a virtual high schooler) does, things take off.  The creator of OASIS is a child of the 80s and is obsessed with geek 80s culture, so all the egg hungers (gunters) are, as well.  This book is chock full of 80s references not all of which I got, even being a child of the 80s.  Everyone I've seen recommending Ready Player One has been roughly 20.  I imagine this was a much different read for them than for me and even different again for someone more into gaming culture in the 80s. 

Ready Player One is one of the few books I really want to have Anthony read, which makes me wish I'd picked it up earlier because it's due back too soon for him to get through.  I'll have to put another hold on it and then sit him down, hand him the book and see what happens. 

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